Molar Varghulis

Massive, 7'5", bald, black and beautiful. Very intimidating.


face2.jpgHe’s practically too big and muscular to be real. Brown skin. Shaves his head every day.
His eyes are bright Violet – and impossible to hide. Loremasters and others with the deepest knowledge of the past will be startled by this. His facial features have a slight Elven cast to them, but his ears are small and round.
Always wears a heavy woven (carpet like) cloak, and carries a large satchel with everything he owns. No visible weapon except his ham-sized fists of death.
If he is stationary and not observing others or chatting up someone in a foreign tongue he will be reading – with the pages turning as fast as he can flip them.


We know he was a Sailor for most of his life. Some people might assume he is Thesian, or of the reclusive race Kuluku descent, but his facial features and massive musculature don’t fit with these groups.
He has mentioned his grandfather being a Seer, and that they served on numerous vessels and visited countless ports across Kulthea. The party has met his grandfather – a very small man of 5 foot tall, somewhat darker skinned, larger ears, but with the same elvish cant to his features.
At Gryphon College his exceptional magic ability was immediately noticed, and assigned to an intensive advanced placement program – incorporating Seer and Wizardry magical studies and martial combat training.
Molar’s has two defining goals are easily seen by his associates. The first destroying the Unlife, though he won’t elaborate as to where this comes from. And to learn as much as he can; which is defined by his constant reading, and studying of the ancient technology and culture of the K’ta’viir and Earthwardens.

Molar Varghulis

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